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The Perfect Use of Voltage Transformer String Transformer

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In recent years, with the rapid development of the electrical industry, the use of voltage regulators and transformers has become more and more extensive, involving the industry are also increasingly complex areas. As we all know, the regulator used in voltage regulation, dimming, temperature control, speed control, power control and other places, the use of a wide range. Transformer is to use the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the AC voltage of the device is to transform alternating current, AC voltage and impedance devices, when the primary coil with AC current, the core or core will produce AC magnetic flux, so that The secondary coil induces a voltage or current.
    The voltage regulator string transformers improve the output voltage performance very well. Mainly for the following three points:
    First of all, non-contact and stepless regulator, stable and reliable performance, and according to user requirements to design a stable voltage value, such as some imported equipment need 440V, 346V, 220V, 200V and other power supply. So this product is most suitable for the need for stable voltage and special grade voltage of the equipment and production lines.
    Second, the non-contact and stepless regulator, no carbon brush and other wear components, with never wear, voltage regulation range, high precision, low loss, long life, maintenance-free and so on. So this product is most suitable for the need to stabilize the voltage of the device and the whole plant regulator.
    Finally, the main control methods using advanced foreign technology, and supporting the import of electronic components, digital circuits and software programming technology, A C servo drives and other components, with overload, short circuit, over voltage, undervoltage and other protection. In the case of external power supply changes and load changes, to achieve the entire process of output voltage programmable, with stable operation, fast response speed, high precision voltage regulator.

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