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The safety of AC voltage stabilizer and medical equipment

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AC voltage regulator combines the basic structure of ordinary transformers and ferromagnetic regulator of the working principle. Regulator transformer works with the same principle when the ferroresonance regulator, but the regulator transformer is a clever use of a core structure of the ferromagnetic regulator linear inductor and saturable reactor function, not only simple structure , Save material, the assembly of small size, but also reduce the saturation reactor wear and tear, reduce the noise figure, reducing leakage, etc., than with two core structure of the ferromagnetic regulator easier.

    A few days ago, the media reported in a hospital due to power outages leading to a newborn infant death. Because the hospital power failure caused by the newborn baby in the incubator power supply after the stop, the baby is a cold symptoms, this time the hospital did not take effective measures, 5 hours the hospital again power supply, struggling to support the baby after 5 hours or because of treatment Invalid death. Medical equipment is an important instrument to rescue life, medical equipment, electricity safety issues can not be ignored.

    Hospital medical equipment almost all need electric drive. Medical equipment in addition to the machine's own technology, performance-related, the normal supply of electricity is also essential. The normal use of medical equipment related to the patient's life, a slight slip can cause irreversible results. The stability and reliability of the power supply is the lifeblood of the patient, and worthy of long-term research by equipment manufacturers of electrical manufacturers.

    Medical conditions of the past is limited, the introduction of foreign advanced hospital medical equipment, the general focus of attention is his use, to support the normal operation of the hospital. With the development of the times, technological innovation, more and more advanced medical equipment into the community medical service stations and family doctors carry rucksack. Medical equipment camp increasingly rich and huge, and has more powerful function.

    Advanced equipment also challenges the power supply, medical equipment in the use of the process can not work in the DC / AC, electrical failure, can not start, the output and other issues. As a result of the device can not be caused by coagulation, alarm failure, leakage, burns, key failure and other phenomena are frequent.

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