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How to use the voltage regulator precautions!

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Safe use of voltage regulators (regulated power supply) as follows:
     1, check the regulator before installation (voltage regulator) capacity and load is not a reasonable match, whether the mains voltage regulator (regulated power supply) within the allowable range, the regulator (regulated power supply) output voltage Compliance with equipment requirements;
     2, regulators (power supply) of the matching cable must meet the provisions of the current capacity to carry sufficient capacity of the connection line;
     3, the normal power start, please do not open the regulator (regulator) or pull regulator (power supply) input and output cable to avoid electric shock or lead to other electrical safety incidents;
     4, the regulator (power supply) of the input and output cable must be arranged properly to avoid tread fuming, resulting in leakage caused by security incidents;
     5, the regulator (power supply) must be safe and reliable grounding, ground wire directly to the regulator (power supply), will cause electric shock and other personal injury;
     6, the regulator (power supply) of the ground can not be connected to the heating pipes, water pipes, gas pipelines and other public facilities, so as not to infringe the rights of third parties or cause other hazards;
     7, to regularly check the regulator (power supply) input and output cable, to avoid loosening, fall off, affecting the regulator (power supply) normal use and electricity safety;
     8, voltage regulator (power supply) Remember to take lightly, at work, to avoid severe vibration;
     9, to ensure that the regulator (power supply) of the carbon brush springs have enough pressure to avoid contact with the brush and coil surface flashover;
     10, non-professionals please do not open the voltage regulator (power supply) and the regulator (power supply) for maintenance;
     11, in strict accordance with the regulator operating instructions for operation.
     Mastered the safe use of regulators (power supply) method, not only can reduce the occurrence of accidents, more effective savings caused by improper operation of the user equipment maintenance costs caused by damage, of course, in addition to the use of attention to the above, Also in the choice of regulator (power supply) must also choose regular manufacturers to sell, whether it is quality, after-sales service is guaranteed,

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