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Why the regulator input can not be equipped with leakage protector

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When using a voltage regulator, do not use a leakage protector at the regulator input. This is a major principle in the use of regulators.
     Some users in the use of regulators, the regulator selected for the corresponding leakage protector or leakage switch. The end result is the regulator starts, the leakage protector to protect the regulator simply can not be used.
     Leakage protector principle is that the zero line current is zero. The use of regulators, the zero line current can not be zero.
     There are isolation transformer and voltage regulator inside the regulator, starting the transformer is equivalent to the capacitor effect, when the boot when the transformer and voltage regulator instantly lead to zero line with the current charge to form the current loop. If the use of leakage in the line side protector, then it will act, cut off the input power supply causes the regulator power can not be used.
     Therefore, please do not use the leakage protector at the input of the regulator. If the customer insists on using it, please use the leakage protection device at the output of the regulator to ensure the safe use of the voltage regulator.

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